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We are always in a leap.
Whether you like it.
Whether you want it.
Whether you acknowledge it.

Most people most of the time respond to life only when it comes down at them.
Life turns into periods of reactive responses and stagnant plateaus.
It brings feelings of stress, boredom, unfulfillment and regret.

What if you actually had a say in your destination?
What if you had tools to design it?
What if the design represented your inner self and outward aspirations?

When You Discover Your Leap...
Barbara P., DC, MBA, Senior Manager 
Transitioning later in career
I am making a transition later in my career & knew I needed some assistance in my next steps. The program challenged me to view opportunities from a different perspective & to focus on things I had overlooked.

The exercises & tools we used were captured in a way that I can always access them to keep me on track!
Anna O., Executive, Financial Services
Needed structure and motivation
This was a very useful exercise for me, simply because it stimulated and motivated me to think outside of my current routine.

It is not something I would have normally done without a structured motivation, just because we all get so swamped and set in our ways, and time simply flies
Rebecca W., NC, Nurse
After 30 years, transitioning with clarity and security
I was looking for as I transition out of a 30 year career as a nurse into something that will not only provide an income but be work I am aligned with completely and thoroughly enjoy doing.

By then end the program I gained not only a solid plan for pursuing a new opportunity within the organization I currently work for but also a detailed plan for making my dream job a reality in the very  near future.
The question is
"What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
-Mary Oliver
Discovering What's Next for You
Leap By Design principles translate into practical breakthrough methodologies that are designed to facilitate meaningful intentional changes in different aspect of your life.
For Career and Leadership
The Career Leap method un-stucks hard-working professionals
and gets them building fulfilling successful careers.

Audience: Professionals, Executives, Leaders
Format: One-on-One, Group and Online programs
For Business

Audience: Entrepreneurs

Duration: 6+ months

The Business Leap is a program intended to align and expand your business.

For Retirement

Audience: Retired or those planning to

Duration: 4 months

The Legacy Leap is a transformational program to design and start implementing your legacy and retirement life.

Exploring your next move?

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What Others Say
Alex M., NY, Banking, IT Executive
Stuck, bored, but the paycheck was important
I’ve been lucky to have had a successful career - as part of exciting technology start-ups jetting around the world, to key positions with big financial services firms. In the recent years, I’ve become bored, unfulfilled, and frankly hating every weekday morning. But the paycheck was important.

After working with Misha, I find myself suddenly excited with my career prospects aheadI’m clear and confident about the next steps in my career - something I have not felt in a long time!
Ina G., PA, Data Science
From confusion to clarity
Pandemic reshuffled a mix of my personal circumstances and priorities.  The Career Leap framework allowed to fit early open-ended exploration within a more structured approach and a sense of path, avoiding "analysis paralysis."

Misha has an exceptional ability at framing and formulating complex, fuzzy and unstructured matters. I wanted to thank Misha for all his help, facilitating exploration and revealing blind spots.
Anna S., 41, Connecticut, Architect
There is a method to discovering your passion
Misha allowed me to step away from 'my job as means of survival' mindset and recall what I am actually passionate about in life and in my career.

I've got back my spark, interest, and curiosity. As a result, several new work opportunities surfaced immediately and I'm currently pursuing them.
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Who Is Misha Rubin?

I facilitate meaningful intentional life changes.

Including for myself. Just to name a few:

-- Until a few years back, I was a Partner at Ernst & Young, one of the largest management consulting firms in the world, where I spent 15 fruitful years of my career. I managed hundreds-million-dollars worth of projects and oversaw work of hundreds. I experienced what I call "a moment of truth" and, after that, I pursued my vision of creating my own company. Now I work with others to make their leaps.

-- When Russian troops invaded Ukraine (and that's where I am from), after overcoming initial shock, I heard my calling: to help kids who experience trauma. Together with Worldwide Orphans, an international organization that works with vulnerable kids, we started our programs for children refugees in Lviv, Ukraine and now we are expanding all over the country.


Over years I guided careers and lead transformational seminars to hundreds of people. In the past 2 years, I've worked with hundreds to reinvent their careers, start new businesses and reenergize their lives.

My extensive business experience, personal quest for meaning and fulfillment, and rigorous study birthed Leap by Design principles. I translated them into a pragmatic and actionable methods designed for people to obtain clarity and make changes in their life in the following areas: career, leader's impact, business, retirement and legacy.

Apart from helping people discover what's next for them, I am a recording artist (check out my music album ARE WE READY under Misha Lyuve), an adoptive parent of three, and a board member of Worldwide Orphans and founder of Children of Ukraine.

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Featured Interview with Misha Rubin
Exploring your next move?

Ready to discuss details of one of the Leap programs?
Schedule Your FREE What's Next Call
Leap By Design: Accessing What's Next
Most people, most of the time, respond to life only when it comes down at them.

This approach turns life into periods of reactive responses and stagnant plateaus.

The Leap By Design paradigm offers a different way of engaging with life, where meaningful intentional changes become a perpetual conscious phenomenon.

Leap By Design principles are a starting point of describing this new paradigm.
Principle 1: You are always in a leap.
Whether you like it.
Whether you want it.
Whether you're aware where it's taking you.

Principle 2: Your leap criteria will point you to where to look for what's next.
The leap criteria are underneath your wants and needs.
They will show you the mis-alignments in your current life and will help you making choices for the future.
Some of the criteria are intrinsic to who you are (I call them Unique Guiding Criteria.) Others are based on your current aspirations.

Principle 3. You can always design your leap
Leap design is a combination of your aspirational accomplishments, measurable results and/or experiences. Having a vision for direction of your future, will give you clarity in the now; will make it easier to notice opportunities and make decisions.
You can be on top of your game or in ruins of your failure, if you're not designing what's next, your circumstances will do it for you.

Principle 4. Boost it.
Boost your participation by dealing with what's in the way of you leap (e.g. disempowering beliefs) and building up what would enhance your journey (e.g. board of supporters, habits, communication tools)

Principle 5. Let it be.
Let's acknowledge that our life's paths are beyond any plans, regardless of how meticulously we create them. Let life do its work. In fact, let it overdeliver and produce outcomes beyond your imagination.

Principle 6. REPEAT.
Use Leap By Design principles to adjust your destination, steer the course of your current actions and take on new areas of your life.
Ready to explore why you feel career-stuck and how to move forward? We have series of emails that will get you moving in your inquiry.

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