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Would you want to
do work and live life in alignment with your value system?
have clarity about what's next for you (and know exactly how to get to clarity!)
be empowered to initiate change in your life and / or your business (and know exactly how to get empowered!)?
be fully alive pursuing your aspirations?
 is a proven framework designed to empower individuals and businesses in implementing purposeful and transformative changes. 

This framework brings together a collection of methods that enable individuals to forge new paths and directions in their careers, businesses, or overall life journey, equipping them with the necessary tools to initiate and navigate transformative changes with confidence.


Pillar 1: Clarity - Gain a deep understanding of who you are and what you truly want.

This pillar emphasizes self-awareness and self-discovery as the foundation for meaningful change. This applies as much to a person as to a business.


Pillar 2: Direction - Engage in a systematic exploration of options and make informed choices. 

This pillar guides in evaluating different paths and making decisions aligned with their aspirations and values.


Pillar 3: Turning your vision into reality - Develop a strategic plan and implement it effectively.

This pillar focuses on translating your vision into actionable steps, ensuring progress towards your goals.


Pillar 4: Foundation - Address disempowering beliefs, cultivate a supportive network, establish empowering habits, and improve communication skills. 

This pillar emphasizes the importance of overcoming limiting beliefs, building a network of supporters, nurturing habits, and honing effective communication techniques.

By following Leap by Design, individuals can experience transformative growth, achieve their goals, and lead more fulfilling lives.

Leap by Design provides a comprehensive roadmap for personal and professional development, enabling individuals to navigate the complexities of change with clarity and purpose.

"What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
-Mary Oliver
Here is how we can support you
Leap By Design frameowrk translate into practical breakthrough methodologies that are designed to facilitate meaningful intentional changes in different aspect of your life.

Audience: Professionals and executives

  • Reinventing your career
  • Going after the job your want
  • Taking your current role to the next level 

Audience: Entrepreneurs

  • Starting or growing your business
  • Realigning your business
  • Balancing entrepreneurial life


Audience: Retired or those planning to

  • Designing the next chapter
  • Creating impact


Audience: Personal growth

  • Take your whole life to the next life
  • Well being, relationships, community, balance, spirituality
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Who Is Misha Rubin?

I facilitate meaningful intentional life changes.

Including for myself. Just to name a few:

-- Until a few years back, I was a Partner at Ernst & Young, one of the largest management consulting firms in the world, where I spent 15 fruitful years of my career. I managed hundreds-million-dollars worth of projects and oversaw work of hundreds. I experienced what I call "a moment of truth" and, after that, I pursued my vision of creating my own educational company. Now I work with others to make their leaps.

-- When Russian troops invaded Ukraine (and that's where I am from), after overcoming initial shock, I heard my calling: to help kids who experience trauma. Together with Worldwide Orphans, an international organization that works with vulnerable kids, we started our programs for children refugees in Ukraine and now we are expanding all over the country.

Over years I guided careers and lead transformational seminars to hundreds of people. In the past 2 years, I've worked with hundreds to reinvent their careers, start new businesses and reenergize their lives.

My extensive business experience, personal quest for meaning and fulfillment, and rigorous study birthed Leap by Design framework. I translated them into a pragmatic and actionable methods designed for people to obtain clarity and make changes in their life in the following areas: career, leader's impact, business, retirement and legacy.

Apart from helping people discover what's next for them, I am a recording artist (check out my music album ARE WE READY under Misha Lyuve), an adoptive parent of three, and a board member of Worldwide Orphans and founder of Children of Ukraine.

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Exploring your next move?

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